10 Steps To Being A Happy Mum

Did you know there are 10 scientifically proven Happiness Principles that boost happiness and wellbeing? No, nor did we – until we discovered the Making Mums Happy programme, a three-week course of daily ‘happiness tasks’ from online support group Netmums. The Netmums team tested their Making Mums Happy programme on over 1,000 mums in 2006,…


10 Beachwear Ideas For Mums

So your boobs may be bigger, your midsection a bit wider and what are those puckers on your stomach that weren’t there before? The thought of baring your post-baby body this summer may be freaking you out, but don’t let it!  Instead, stand tall, love your amazing body and make the most of any new assets with our 10…

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7 FREE ways to be nice to yourself today

Make today a happy day – by giving yourself one (or more!) of these happiness-boosting treats! Treating yourself every day is one of 10 scientifically-proven Happiness Principles. And, far from being selfish, it’s actually good for your loved ones as well.  As Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, explains: “Taking the time to boost…