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Benefits of Parenting!

Oh the joys of parenting! From babies to teenagers, there are similarities us parents all share when it comes to recognising some ‘minor’ advantages we have when you live in a busy household! Not to mention teenage children… enjoy our specially crafted #BenefitsofParenting and add you own to the list!   And then there are…

A Mothers Job Campaign BeHappyMum

 Whether you are a stay at home mother or a working mother both are full time jobs, so please help us to achieve worldwide recognition of the important work that all mothers are doing and special experience they are gaining in this challenging and highly-skilled MOTHER Profession.   BeHappyMum, a helpful mobile app developer, illustrated…

BeHappyMum kids crafts with toilet rolls

10 Easy Toilet Roll Kids Crafts

1. Get Buzzing with Made to Be a Momma Bumblebee’s! Cut out the main bits for your little one and don’t forget to make bzzzzzzzing sounds and help their imagination with this one- a great one to help develop their memory and sensory skills! Why not make a few for a little family of bees……