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Why WellMama?

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  • Instant HELP with emotional & physical pain MOTHER’S experience over time & post-pregnancy
  • No yoga experts required so Mothers can pick from 3 AREAS & follow audio instructions providing the perfect antidote for PAIN RELIEF and ENERGY BOOST
  • SIMPLE 5 & 15 Minute Yoga sequences, short enough to fit in around a BUSY MUM’S routine with or without props from around your HOUSE!

What's in the App?

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  • Our Yoga workouts are SUPER-QUICK – 5 or 15 Minutes – as we know your TIME is precious once you enter Motherhood!
  • Pick from 3 AREAS Mind & Spirit, Neck & Shoulders & Back Pain; regain the balance of your MIND & BODY with yoga sequences to release pain & stress
  • SAFE & EASY to do at HOME even without props – because most of us aren’t gymnasts or Yoga experts! Your progress is tracked too!
  • Designed by Yoga and fitness EXPERTS to tackle & prevent most common POST-PREGNANCY emotional & physical pain like back & shoulder aches

Why Yoga?

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  • Yoga is a wellbeing practice that is gaining popularity all over the World due to its HEALTH and PSYCHOLOGICAL benefits
  • Yoga practice is ideal for the POSTNATAL BODY. Most studies on the effect of yoga suggest yoga is a safe and effective way to increase physical activity, to bring balance and calmness to the mind, help release STRESS and relieve PAIN
  • Yoga POSTURES teach us to open the chest and shoulders as these areas can slowly collapse inward from nursing and carrying a BABY around. Therefore, yoga helps to relieve the pain in the NECK & SHOULDERS as well as the LOWER BACK
  • Yoga practice educates and helps us to acquire good EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL rest as well as boost our energy and POSITIVE SPIRIT
  • DISCLAIMER: please consult with your Doctor or your Physician first before practicing any yoga and/or workouts discussed within this website

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Minute short exercises with no props!

Minute full recovery with house props!

Yoga sequences for Mind & Body



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