Christmas Tips for Parents

If you’re getting into the festive spirit – whatever you are celebrating, we’ve rounded up our Top 10 EASY Homemade Christmas Cards to make with kids!

Use potatoes for stencils, fingers and paint or simply cotton wool and pencils.. these decorative kids cards are not only fun but help develop your babies, toddler’s or older child’s sensory skills! Looks easy and interesting? Look for more in our Pinterest Board.

1. Stencils!

Grab any old potatoes or apples or anything you can cut a shape into a flat surface and go! If you have young kids or toddlers, you will need to do this for them or if a bit older, help them draw an outline and cut out the shape and let them stamp away! Exciting playtime for kids and great for their senses!

festive kids cards2. Cotton Balls

Here’s a great and easy #kidscraft idea with just cotton wool balls and a photo, a great card grandparents, and friends will laugh and love!

finger painting cards for kids3. Footprints

Ok, so you may need some newspaper or groundsheet but this makes for a memorable Christmas card for the age your child is at – what a great keepsake! Why not use one of our PlayMama Bathtime games afterwards to wash off that paint!

kids finger painting cards4. Simple Fingerprints

As you know, like our PlayMama App encourages, there are 7 key skills most important to a child’s first two years of development.. so we think this finger print card is ideal to encourage sensory skills of one and two year old children!

kids festive crafts 5. Teacher’s Pet?

Now no-one liked a teachers pet back in our day before Motherhood, but this kids reindeer card is too adorable not to try out! Handprints, cut out and add some red fluff or button for Rudolphs nose! Easy Peasy :-)

finger painting cards for kids

PlayMama App6. Santa Claus?!

Another simple Christmas craft for kids again with fingers, but why not turn into Santa with some stick on eyes and a hat! Mother & Child playtime could get serious…

finger painting cards for kids

7. One step, two step…

If you have older kids encourage their attention to detail by making a more precise painting – adding patterns on top or attempting to pop a star on top. Need snow sprinkles?

Add some glue and sprinkle on some dry rice or desiccated coconut – it will smell good too! If the coconut gets your taste buds going check out our no bake recipes if you’ve still got some creative juices left for you and the kids to spend time together in the kitchen! (Pop a 5 minute FitMama curvy calves in while you’re there!)

finger painting cards for kids

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8. Tweet Tweet!

Want to make your babies first Christmas card or festivity card? Take their little foot place in a flat bowl of paint and lightly stamp your baby’s foot onto some paper or card. If they have siblings, ask them to finish it off to make it a card from them both or all! If not, mummy may enjoy a spot of painting 😉

finger painting cards for kids9. Mr Snowman

So depending where you are in the World, UK – you may not have enough snow to make a real Snowman with the kids, unless maybe your in Scandinavia or Canada… But this Christmas card is both pretty and only requires paper plate and add whatever else you have around the house!

finger painting cards for kids

postnatal yoga WellMama App10. Fork’s!

Perfect for toddlers this game – but you may want to give them safe plastic fork or a baby rubber fork. Help them dip the fork into the paint and direct their hand across the paper in strokes for the first one, them let them re-create a Picasso! Kind of :-/

festive kids cardsAnd…. relax Mums! Now pick at something you enjoy or take 5 mins with some relaxing WellMama Yoga

We hope you find some inspiration for you, baby, toddler or kids from our 10 Easy Homemade Festive Kids Cards!!

Want more ideas? See our Pinterest board  of festive cards made for you Mammas!