Christmas Tips for Parents

Christmas is just over the corner! Do you have a Christmas jumper? Even if you do, have a look at our selection of the best Xmas jumpers this season. Funny and ironic, cozy and retro, we could not purchase ALL of them but we surely can enjoy seeing what designers made for any kind of tastes with the most funky coming at the bottom.


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Just love this jumper from Next! Let’s hope your little elf is unaware of Santa’s real identity….

Best christmas jumpers for kids

So cute, this next Next’s jumper is… This might remind you of the penguin in the John Lewis advert couple of years back. A hearwarming look will have every baby wearing it.

best christmas jumpers

For those who wouldn’t leave the bear without a Christmas Jumper, too.

Best christmas jumpers for kids

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We find this jumper is a winner of the season.

Best christmas jumpers for man



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Who says that retro’s not in fashion?

Christmas jumper is retro style


Not afraid to get into Santa’s naughty list with this jumper?



Matching Christmas jumpers


Feel like a child again by sharing the fun with your kids in these Next Christmas jumpers.




For those couples who just can’t stay away from each other even for a moment this Christmas!



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If you’re more of a technology geek, you might consider lighting up the room with the fire in your belly in this Primark jumper.

Best Christmas jumpers

funny christmas jumpers


Very modern presentation of the Nativity story on this jumper. This is exactly what its front cover would be if the events would’ve unravelled in 2016!

Funky christmas jumpers

If you want to baffle people by letting them wonder for the entire evening how those two are linked, this jumper might be just for you.

funny christmas jumper

We think Rudolf watched too many Marvel movies and  is trying to be more like Superman on this jumper….


funny christmas jumper


If being the centre of attention is not your cup of tea, this one would be particularly good for helping you blend in with the walls at social occasions. However, probably, the effect would be just the opposite.


funny Christmas jumper


No one in your family needs to feel left out!


If Star Wars mean a lot to your family, you don’t have to put that on hold during Christmas to get into the spirit with this jumper!

Star Wars Christmas jumper

May the Christmas Spirit with you be!

Christmas jumper

Christmas Tips for Parents