Christmas Tips for Parents

Despite December being full of home comforts and joy, we (especially mothers) know how much WE ARE going to do to make Christmas a happy, warm and merry time. Whatever your challenges and favourite joys are, use the help of technology to enjoy Christmas to the full with best Christmas Apps 2016!

Let’s see what extra fun the latest versions of tech apps for iOS & Android can provide you with this Festive period. This year the list is even more exciting as many cool novelties and technologies came alive!

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1.Christmas Booth (iOS)

best christmas apps

WHY USE? No need to buy or rent Christmas Costumes. Make a unique homemade Christmas Card (printable or just electronic) in just a few seconds! All you have to do here is FIND a photo or take a selfie and choose one of the images the app gives you for free. You can still use the images that are available for free but if you want something more you will have to pay for the app.


best christmas apps


If you want even more Christmas additions, the Santa Claus version is great!

This app is fantastic to make family Xmas Card Photo’s with much less adverts than the other ones. Choose the festive accessories for your faces and … here we go! Although the app has not been updated lately,it works with iOS10.

best christmas apps

best christmas apps


2. Christmas Photo Frames (Android)

best christmas apps

We found this app amazing – you can picture your photos in the Frozen style exactly like in the movie! This will sure get your young kids excited! Maybe even mum and Dad too?

best christmas apps


Magical Merry Christmas Photo Frames app is the same app but for iOS users. Plenty of frames are for free. Try it too!


3. Appy Christmas! (iOS)

best christmas apps

Time for family, time for friends…so why not send these to friends & relatives! tell them how much you love them with this funny app for voice messaging sure to have the family in giggles! We certainly laughed out loud trying it out so try it and enjoy the fun! Also, it can keep your children entertained for a long time – perfect excuse for 5 minutes of FitMama or a well earned drink!

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4. Printed Postcards

Photo app


WHY USE? If you prefer traditional festive cards then you can congratulate your friends with printed versions of your personalised card. Just be aware that it needs some time for the app to deliver your unique cards to you via post.

Try Inkly – the app has both versions for iOS  and for Android users and is highly ranked in both App Stores!


best christmas apps


WHY USE? In case your little one doubts Santa and doesn’t catch the idea of being ‘good’ for Christmas, this app is sure to change their attitude to excitement! And maybe yours, too…

1. A Call From Santa! (iOS)best christmas apps

We won’t reveal ALL the features of this app so you can be surprised by Santa’s attention to your little ones! However, you will receive a call from Santa, learn what he’s doing right now, check the weather forecast for the North Pole, to name but a few! And the good news – the app was recently updated.

2.Santa voicemail (iOS)

best christmas apps

We’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Santa via this app! It gets excellent ratings and reviews.


best christmas apps


3.Personalised call from Santa (Android)best christmas apps

This app is amazing for your kids to help them look forward to Christmas! You can personalise Santa’s calls for your child and get unique messages from him! It’s a FREE app for a limited time so grab it now! To avoid disappointments we need to say that if you have more than one child, the app won’t let you make a second call for free…

PlayMama App

best christmas apps


WHY USE? Creates unique moods of your choice for every day until Christmas. You can engage your children in choosing one for each day themselves. Our kids are in the queue and well-behaved!

1. Christmas Wallpapers (iOS)best christmas apps

This app offers you FREE wallpapers regardless of your age, taste and mood. Street views, countryside snow, trees, table sets, food, shop windows, Christmas lights, Christmas quotes – any mood for any day!  Choose your Festive associations of your childhood memories from the festive wallpapers and feel YOUR Christmas every day.

best christmas apps


2.Christmas Live wallpapers (Android)best christmas apps

With this app you can count days, hours and seconds, stars falling down on your screen etc. “Simple yet pretty” – that’s a review that perfectly summarizes the app. Other apps we recommend for all family to enjoy are:

3. Live Ice Rink (Android)

best christmas apps

This gets our vote for the most beautiful app, the ice skating backgrounds have many different characters and each scene is as idyllic as a Christmas movie! Recently updated for Christmas 2016, the app got more than 5,000,000 installs since launch!

4. Christmas ringtones (Android)

best christmas apps

This app is really easy to use and install even for those who are just not the great with technology or have little patience!

postnatal yoga WellMama App

best christmas apps


WHY USE? Most of the apps in this genre give you a chance to add costings and your budget, so if you want to shop smart, this is a great way to do so!

1.Christmas Gift List App (Android)

christmas list andorid

Great app to save you time and money. Set the budget, people to get presents for, tick off when purchases are made and we like that you can see how much you have spent so far!

2.The Christmas Gift List (iOS)

best christmas apps

best christmas apps

This iOS version is just as good as the Android one with all of its functions and you can even add gifts against your contacts on your phone along with password protection – perfect for any sneaky little children hoping for a peek!

best christmas apps


WHY USE? Save your time searching for certain songs as we’ve found a great Christmas radio station for both iOS and Android so you can download it straight away and have a sing along to your favourite Christmas jams! Pop it on for you and the kids, whilst using your Christmas recipe app with the kids in the kitchen!

1.Christmas Radio – iOS and Android

best christmas apps

Chose the melody and the style you like even if tomorrow you’d prefer another. Though the app has not been updated this year, we tested it once again. And it works perfectly! You would still need just one app for everyone in your family including the kids. Tra la la la la, la la la la!

We really hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of apps for you! We’ve tried hard to pre-select the best ones and of course -save you time and money this festive season, mums and moms!