What makes PlayMama App special?

  • Our simple games help you DEVELOP your baby’s key skills – Motor, Coordination, Speech, 5 Senses, Reasoning, Memory, Social
  • Each game lists the SKILLS it develops
  • Games fit into your TYPICAL DAY– Indoors, Outdoors, Sandpit, Bathtime
  • Games are designed to suit your baby’s MOOD – Active, Quiet, Just For Fun
  • Games are TAILORED to your baby’s age and development (holding head up, sitting etc)
  • You can add as many CHILDREN up to 24 months as you like, and track their progress
  • You can build a list of your baby’s FAVOURITE games
  • We give you detailed guidance, encouragement and safety TIPS
  • You can choose from a friendly audio guide or written GUIDELINES
  • The in-app CAMERA lets you share pictures while you’re on the move

What skills does PlayMama develop?

  • FINE MOTOR – small, precise movements
  • CO-ORDINATION – major movements like walking, balancing, jumping and reaching
  • SPEECH – listening, understanding and saying
  • 5 SENSES – touching, smelling, hearing, tasting and seeing
  • REASONING – problem-solving and drawing conclusions
  • ATTENTION & MEMORY – retaining and recalling information, maintaining attention
  • SOCIAL SKILLS – learning to interact with others

Where can I use PlayMama?

  • INDOORS– lots of interactive and independent indoor games
  • OUTDOORS – games for the garden, park, and on the move
  • SANDPIT – games for baby to play in sandpits, big and small
  • BATHTIME– fun games for bathtime learning

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