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‘Back to Beauty’ postnatal exercise – FitMama App

What are Supersets?

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  • SUPERSETS are two exercises done back-to-back with no rest in-between, so they speed up your heart rate and your metabolism.
  • This means you’ll BURN FAT faster for longer, ideal to help new mothers TONE UP and LOSE BABY WEIGHT.
  • Your postnatal exercises also takes far LESS TIME, so you’re less likely to get bored and give up!
  • Each FitMama Superset exercises 2 or more muscle groups in 5 or 10 minute post-pregnancy workouts perfect to fit into your normal BUSY MUM routine!

Why FitMama?

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  • Our postnatal fitness workouts are SUPER-QUICK- 5 or 10 Minutes– as we know your TIME is precious once you enter Motherhood!
  • They use FAT-BUSTING Supersets, because we know you want FAST RESULTS.
  • Easy to do at HOME – because most of us aren’t gymnasts!
  • Designed especially for new mums they’re SAFE & EASY, even if you’re breastfeeding.
  • Designed by yoga and fitness EXPERT to tackle the most common POST-PREGNANCY Weight Loss & Body Problems

What's in the app?

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  • Supersets for BODY AREAS you want to improve – arms and back, waist or thighs and butt
  • Quick, easy & safe postnatal workouts that busy mothers can fit into their NORMAL ROUTINE
  • Tailored to you: pick your TIME, BODY ZONE, PACE and GO!
  • PROGRESS TRACKER to log your progress automatically
  • Verbal PROMPTS to keep you going and beautiful ILLUSTRATIONS to follow
  • Step-by-step visual & audio INSTRUCTIONS & GUIDE on how to avoid common mistakes

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“Using Fitmama means I have no excuse now!! With the quick easy and convenient app it allows me to select the area of my body I want to target and also select the time. Being a working mum means lots of juggling around childcare and shift work and keeping fit is my soul saver! Sometimes when I can't get to the gym I use FitMama to keep me topped up.”
FitMama App Testimonial
Mrs T, Mum to 4 yr old girl, Leicester UK
“I struggle finding any time for me let alone exercise to be honest, FitMama is the only thing I have actually used for exercise for a while! I can only manage the 5 or 10 minute ones during the day so I get one in when my little one has her nap and before the afternoon school run before the chaos! Because it tracks my progress I don’t feel bad leaving it if I get distracted!”
Sam, FitMama Testimonial
Sam H, Mum to 6 & 2 year old girls, Oxford UK
“I’m a mum to two very active boys and a third due to arrive soon. I’ve been using it mainly at night when boys are in bed and in morning as they are not early birds and really helps me to remember myself not just the boys! Looking forward to using it when the 3rd one is here after nappy changes and cuddles the floor exercises will be perfect. Every mum needs it! Thanks”
Jo, FitMama Testimonial
Jo M, Mum to 6 & 2 year old boys (+ bump!) Oxford, UK



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