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‘Back to Beauty’ exercise to strengthen back muscles – FitMama App

What are Supersets?

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  • SUPERSETS are two exercises done back-to-back with no rest in-between, so they speed up your heart rate and your metabolism.
  • This means you’ll BURN FAT faster for longer, ideal to help new mothers TONE UP and LOSE BABY WEIGHT.
  • Your fitness workouts also takes far LESS TIME, so you’re less likely to get bored and give up!
  • Each FitMama Superset exercises 2 or more muscle groups in 5 or 10 minute post-pregnancy workouts perfect to fit into your normal BUSY MUM routine!

Why FitMama?

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  • Our fitness workouts for mothers are SUPER-QUICK- 5 or 10 Minutes– as we know your TIME is precious once you enter Motherhood!
  • They use FAT-BUSTING Supersets, because we know you want FAST RESULTS.
  • Easy to do at HOME – because most of us aren’t gymnasts!
  • Designed especially for new mums they’re SAFE & EASY, even if you’re breastfeeding.
  • Designed by yoga and fitness EXPERT to tackle the most common POST-PREGNANCY Weight Loss & Body Problems

What's in the app?

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  • Supersets for BODY AREAS you want to improve – arms and back, waist or thighs and butt
  • Quick, easy & safe fitness workouts that busy mothers can fit into their NORMAL ROUTINE
  • Tailored to you: pick your TIME, BODY ZONE, PACE and GO!
  • PROGRESS TRACKER to log your progress automatically
  • Verbal PROMPTS to keep you going and beautiful ILLUSTRATIONS to follow
  • Step-by-step visual & audio INSTRUCTIONS & GUIDE on how to avoid common mistakes

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