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10-Minute Dinners for New Mothers

By Guest Blogger Eva Rodriguez-Marienchild Eva is a health and spirituality communicator: an author, editor, translator, poet, artist and teacher. Eva’s specialty is helping folks on the cusp of life-affirming choices. At BeHappyMum, she is helping new moms to design their diverse new lives alongside their apps FitMama and PlayMama; to discover quick, delicious and…


10 Beachwear Ideas For Mums

So your boobs may be bigger, your midsection a bit wider and what are those puckers on your stomach that weren’t there before? The thought of baring your post-baby body this summer may be freaking you out, but don’t let it!  Instead, stand tall, love your amazing body and make the most of any new assets with our 10…


Becoming a Mother. BeHappyMum survey report

BeHappyMum regularly asks the opinions of new mums.  In response to our most recent online survey, 44 mums told us how they felt about becoming a mother. Their answers show clearly that they’re adjusting to the changes and stresses of motherhood, and finding it a positive and life-affirming experience. Becoming a mum – a life-changing…