We are mobile app developers here to help and support mothers from post-pregnancy and onwards, enhancing the environment for both mother and baby for those first important years of bonding, well-being, development and general parenting. We know how tough and busy parenting can be that’s why we’ve created realistic apps, Mothers can use at home and on-the-go!

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We believe

The coloured windmill in our logo will brighten your day if gently blown – ‘little and often’ – becoming enhanced and beautiful. Whether it’s using FitMama for Post-Pregnancy and general home exercise, or PlayMama for helping your baby to learn & develop; we believe in doing small things every day as a parent – ‘little and often.’


Who we are

We are a UK based team that’s passionate about developing the best mobile apps for parenthood, combining the expertise of health, fitness and psychology professionals. Our apps our designed purely to help busy days of parenting, so we work with Real Mums to understand what’s needed and be inspired from their stories, images and ideas!

Why FitMama?

  • 5-minute exercises tailored for YOUR body zone
  • Fit your day routine whether that’s in the kitchen, at work or in the playground
  • Right and wrongs of exercises for better results
  • Tracks your PROGRESS and adjusts for YOUR pace of exercising

Why PlayMama?

  • Tailored to your child’s age, skills and even the mood
  • Convenient games can be squeezed into your busy life, whether that’s indoors or outdoors, bath or in a sandpit.
  • Tracks progress of YOUR child skills development as the games boost
Learning Games App for Child Development

Passion & Support

We are so passionate about supporting mothers, particularly as we know how precious time becomes as a parent.

From funny mum stories on our FACEBOOK page to blogs on post-natal tips on BEHAPPYMUM.COM,kids craft ideas to home exercise tips on PINTEREST, your MeTime is well spent with BeHappyMum’s Social Media Pages or OUR APPS.

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